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Principal's Message

January 22, 2018

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I would like to open this letter with a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your ongoing efforts, in putting your student’s well-being, attendance, and education, at the forefront of importance. In a brief recap of our first semester; we, as a staff, have been diligently designing, staffing, and working on placing students in positive, progressive, programs to benefit their continued growth. Growth, as we all know, is important for all students. Even our “straight A” students are capable of and should be striving for positive growth. 

As we move into the second semester, we look forward to the many school activities that come with the end of our school year, both academic and recreational. State testing will take place after Spring Break, in all Math and English classes. More information will be sent home closer to testing time to help you prepare your student for this very important part of their educational career. The data we receive from these assessments, help us as a staff, in knowing what programs are benefiting our students, and which ones need to be redesigned, realigned, or changed entirely. Thank you ahead of time for your positive influence with your student regarding these assessments.

Also, as we move into next semester, let me thank you for your ongoing effort in helping us improve our students’ school attendance.  Although we would not want students to attend when they are sick; it is very important that we look at scheduling other events, appointments, etc. at a time that does not pull our students from their classes. We also appreciate efforts to ensure that students arrive on time, and prepared for each school day.

If there is ever any concern or question regarding your student’s time at Frontier Middle School, please feel free to contact either myself, or our Assistant Principal, Brandon Byers, at any time.




Greg Kittrell,                                                                      Brandon Byers,

Principal                                                                               Assistant Principal