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Frontier Middle School
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'Spartans' Logo

Frontier Middle School is excited to introduce the revised branding and logo for its new mascot, the Spartans. Formerly, the Warriors, the mascot change is a result of House Bill 1356, which passed in April 2021, lawfully prohibiting the use of Native American names, symbols, or images as public school mascots, logos, or team names.

The Mascot Committee, consisting of students, staff, parents, and community members vetted hundreds of mascot ideas and submissions from a public survey. After polling the public and student body for their favorite choices, committee members recommended the Spartans to the MLSD board of directors to represent Frontier.  Upon returning to school this fall, Frontier students voted on their favorite logo, selecting this winning variation.

Community alums may notice the return to royal blue and silver (replacing navy blue) and the FMS initials embedded in the Spartan helmet, paying homage to the history of Frontier while embracing the future of Moses Lake.


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