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Frontier Middle School
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Resume School Schedule - 9/17

As air quality has improved and has been forecast to continue improving, campus instruction will resume for Thursday 9/17 for the On-Campus and Blended Learners.
Based on the forecast, expectations from the Washington State Department of Health indicate that we should be in the orange category of 'Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups' for tomorrow, which means:
Recess: Students with asthma, respiratory infection, and lung or heart disease should remain indoors.
PE: Students with asthma, respiratory infection, lung or heart disease, and diabetes should remain indoors. Limit these students to moderate activities. For others, limit to light outdoor activities. Allow any student to stay indoors if they don't want to go outside.
Each school will have an appropriate plan for mask breaks, etc. that follow these recommendations while honoring our COVID-safety protocol.
Parents should still use their discretion tomorrow in choosing to send their child to school with sensitive health issues outlined above. We do not anticipate a negative shift in air quality, however, if that is the case students and families should be prepared for alterations to this plan.